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Aimee and Eric were high school classmates who connected later in life over their mutual appreciation for CBD38™ and its compounds. They knew their combined experience would allow them to create superior CBD38™ products for wellness.

Eric has been a serious athlete who enjoys the outdoors, but more and more over the years he struggled with pain associated with sports injuries. He believed that CBD38™ could help relieve his pain and maybe even help his body repair if he could find a pure and clinical strength product. With limited options available, he began to create his own solution. Eric has more than a decade of Colorado-licensed grow and distribution experience in the cannabis industry, including owning one of the state’s first dispensaries.

Aimee got her start in the Colorado farming industry and was focused on learning, breeding and creating quality genetics. Together, along with a little help from their friends, they created Mystic Valley Crafted Cannabinoids to focus on clinical strength and high-dose CBD38™ products for people seeking alternatives to opioids and other addictive narcotics. Learn more about the Mystic Valley Crafted Cannabinoids team.

The Mystic Valley team works with clients to provide information and education to help them find the right product for their specific needs. They also work in conjunction with other CBD38™ professionals like Canna Nurses to enhance the focus on patients. They are currently building a network of doctors who are both familiar with and friendly toward the use of natural remedies.

Moving forward, Mystic Valley Crafted Cannabinoids will also focus on continual proprietary research and development as well as cannabinoid education for medical practitioners, wellness providers, patients and consumers. In particular, they will continue development of therapeutic regenerative alternative medicine for the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS), which has the potential to improve the overall health and longevity of patients.

Executive Team

Eric Crowe

Eric Crowe

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Aimee Weekslynn

CBD38™ Consultant

Vida Paw Love

Paw Love Spokes Pup

Mystic Valley Crafted Cannabinoids

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